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Minimize Unwarranted Routine Vitamin D Testing: Doctors

Vitamin D deficiency is widespread in the Indian population, but its significance is not known to the vast majority of people.

Reduce unnecessary routine vitamin D testing

Reduce unnecessary routine vitamin D testing

Recent medical insights from experts indicate that routine screening for Vitamin D is unnecessary, as per the updated guidelines from the US Endocrine Society.

Although Vitamin D, the “sunshine vitamin,” is critical for bone and heart health, there is no need for frequent testing.

Vitamin D exists in two primary forms: D-2 and D-3, and it is vital for bone and teeth development, as well as maintaining a healthy immune system.

Research has linked Vitamin D deficiency to various health issues, including bone and muscle disorders, metabolic diseases, heart conditions, cancer, autoimmune disorders, and infections, leading to widespread supplementation and testing in the general population.

Phulrenu Chauhan, leading the Endocrinology section at P D Hinduja Hospital, highlighted a lack of comprehensive understanding among health professionals regarding the potential risks and benefits of elevated vitamin D levels.

There is concern over the inclusion of vitamin D tests in many standard laboratory packages.

The updated recommendations now advise monitoring vitamin D levels primarily in children, pregnant women, individuals over 75 years old, and those at high risk for pre-diabetes.

Anoop Misra of Fortis C-Doc Hospital emphasized that healthy individuals should not undergo routine vitamin D checks due to high costs and uncertain benefits.

While acknowledging widespread Vitamin D deficiency in the Indian population, Misra noted its importance in reducing the incidence of rickets in children, lowering mortality rates in the elderly, improving fetal outcomes during pregnancy, and preventing diabetes development in individuals with prediabetes.

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