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Liquid Calorie: Women, Watch Out otherwise it may Increase your weight!

“Liquid calories can quickly add up if you’re not paying attention, which is why you should be aware of them

Liquid Calorie

Liquid calories can quickly add up if you're not paying attention

Liquid Calorie: Keeping your body hydrated is extremely important but if you are drinking more juices, carbonated soft drinks, soda, and other sweetened drinks, then stop – or at least limit your daily intake. The reason for this is, such drinks come with lots of calories and can be proven extremely harmful to your health. Talking about the same, have a look at this article to know about the consumption of liquid calories.

“Liquid calories in almost any form – alcohol, juice, soda, energy drinks, sweetened water, sports drinks, coffee or tea beverages – are sneaky calories. We don’t often think of them as adding to our daily calorie intake, but they do have an impact when consumed on a regular basis.

Liquid Calorie: Increases blood glucose levels

Calories from liquid sugar can cause high blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. High fructose consumption is associated with decreased insulin sensitivity and an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. Sugary beverages appear to increase the risk of rapidly delivering a large amount of fructose. Fructose is converted to fat when you consume more fructose than your liver can store as glycogen. A portion of this fat is stored in your liver, which may contribute to inflammation, insulin resistance, and high blood sugar level

It may Increase your weight gain

Fluids do not provide the same sense of fullness or satisfaction as solid foods because the body does not “register” liquid calories the same way it does solid food calories. This may cause a person to continue eating even after consuming a high-calorie drink, resulting in an increase in calories and, as a result, weight gain.

More Heart Risk

Liquid sugars are also detrimental to heart health. A high fructose intake raises blood levels of triglycerides and other fat molecules. High levels of these fats in your blood increase your risk of developing heart disease.

“Liquid calories can quickly add up if you’re not paying attention”, which is why you should be aware of them. So, when it comes to summer drinks, make wise choices,” she added.

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So, what are your options?

*If you want to drink your fruits as juice, drink them with the pulp and without sugar.

*Another way to enjoy fruits as juices is to use a cold-press juicer, which retains the majority of the nutrients.

*As far as fruits are concerned, your best bet is to consume them as such.

Lemonade, tender coconut water, buttermilk, paanagam, sharbat, and lassi are some of the “convenient, affordable, and low-calorie” drinks. Carrying these drinks with you when you go out or purchasing them instead of soft drinks are both sustainable and nutritious options