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Can We Consider Books As Our Best friend? Read Here How…

We seek human contact, making new connections with people, or taking family vacations. Despite this, some of us would rather spend time with books than with people…



Everybody needs friends who they can turn to for support when necessary and who will accept them for who they are without passing judgment. And for all the right reasons, books can be our best friends for life. Our minds are enriched and our perspectives on life are broadened by good books. Additionally, being around books makes it impossible to feel lonely.

All humans enjoy interacting with others. We seek human contact, whether it be through socializing with friends, making new connections with people, or taking family vacations. Despite this, some of us would rather spend time with books than with people. For these people, reading is everything, and all they want to do is read constantly. For bookworms, this may seem strange to some people, but it is completely normal.

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7 Reasons why people prefer books over humans

Books are a great company

They offer to comfort us whenever we need it, day or night. They always remain in the same location where we leave them and never leave us! They always give us comfort, unlike people.

They won’t disappoint

People frequently disappoint us and aren’t who they seem to be. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with books. Since we are aware of what we are getting into, they are much more convenient than people.

Each page we turn and each chapter we complete in a good book gives us a completely different feeling.

They are exciting

A good book has the ability to transport you to new locations. You’re always on the edge of your seat whether it’s a mystery, science fiction, or thriller. Every time someone opens a book, they are instantly taken to a different world.

Books teach us many lessons

Each book is distinct in its own right and offers us and teaches us something new.

The lessons we gain from books frequently assist us in navigating a variety of life experiences, both positive and negative.

They never judge

People don’t need to get ready for a book! You can be home looking like an absolute mess and still read a classic. They will never tell you that you look bad or ugly. Books treat everyone equally.

​Books give you many options

You can’t pick and choose who will be in your family. But with books, that’s not the case. You can always choose from one because there are so many of them.

You have the option of reading a thriller, romance, or horror book.

They make us smarter

Books smell great, they are reliable, they are informative, and they’re always there when you need them.

Books listen and make you forget your troubles with their stories.