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A Korean Man’s Dramatic Reaction To His First Experience With ‘Hajmola’ Goes Viral

 On social media, the video has already received over one lakh views

Korean Man

There are several videos on the internet showing Westerners trying and reviewing Indian food. Many foodies have been seen enjoying the famous butter chicken, naan, dal makhani, and various paneer sabzis. For the first time, a Korean tried Hajmola, the digestion tablets. Many people have been drawn to his reaction to Hajmola.

The man shared a video of himself with Dabur Hajmola. The man claimed to have felt a flavorful explosion.

He opens a bottle of Hajmola, gives it a smell, and then pops it in his mouth as the video starts. And he spits it out right away. He states, “What is this? The flavor is too strong”.

The man tries to eat it once more before exclaiming, “This is too much,” to end the video.

The Korean man captioned, “I take on the challenge of trying Dabur Hajmola, a popular digestive tablet. Join me as I explore the flavors of this tangy Hajmola, and share my thoughts!😂”


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 On social media, the video has already received over one lakh views. His adorable response was adored online, and others even advised him to try a milder flavor.

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