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Wife Of Hemant Soren Takes It To X, “Until Jharkhandi Warrior Hemant Soren Ji Defeats The Conspiracy Of Central Government…”

A post by Hemant Soren’s wife Kalpana Murmu has come to discussion. This tweet was made from the Twitter account of former Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren. 

Hemant soren wife

Wife Of Hemant Soren to handle his X account

Former Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren was arrested by ED a few days ago in alleged land scam, after which Champai Soren formed a new government by taking oath as the 12th Chief Minister. Reports suggest that ED will make Hemant Soren and Sub-Inspector of Badgai Zone Bhanu Pratap Prasad sit face to face in another round of interrogation. Meanwhile, a post by wife of Hemant Soren, Kalpana Murmu has come to discussion. This post came from the X (formerly known as Twitter) account of former Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren. The post said, “Until Jharkhandi warrior Hemant Soren ji defeats the conspiracy of the Central Government and BJP and comes among us, this account of his will be run by me, i.e. his life partner Kalpana Murmu Soren…”

ED team will interrogate Hemant Soren again

It has been learned that after resigning from the post of CM and being arrested, Hemant Soren is not able to meet even his party leaders. Some time ago, former Chief Minister Hemant Soren had said in the assembly that if the government shows even one paper that he has grabbed 8.5 acres of land,  then he will not only retire from politics, but also leave Jharkhand.

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Hemant Soren: My opponents do not like…

In a statement, Hemant Soren said that my opponents do not like how a tribal CM is driving in a BMW. If they get their ways, they will send us back into the jungle. Their clothes get dirty by sitting near us.

Court gives remand to ED

On the other hand, news has come about ED that ED will now make Hemant Soren and Sub-Inspector of Badgai Zone Bhanu Pratap Prasad sit face to face in a course of interrogation. The court has given four days’ remand to ED to interrogate Sub-Inspector Bhanu Pratap Prasad.