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Upendrra Rai, CMD of Bharat Express News Network, Receives Grand Welcome at Varanasi Airport

Upon his arrival in Varanasi, Upendrra Rai, the Chairman, CMD of Bharat Express News Network, received a warm welcome from numerous local personalities.

Upendrra Rai, the Chairman, and Chief Managing Director of Bharat Express News Network, received a warm welcome at Varanasi Airport today. He was greeted with floral bouquets and a reception by police officers.

This isn’t the first time Rai has been accorded such a reception in Varanasi. Last year, Lok Sabha MP from Machhali Shahar, BP Saroj, welcomed Rai at the airport, presenting him with a bouquet. Additionally, Ambrish Singh, a prominent member of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s team, honoured Rai with a symbolic garland during his visit.

Subhash Singh, the President of the Kashi Journalist Association, welcomed Rai last year with an Angavastram, a traditional Indian garment. Rai also took the opportunity to address the gathered media, expressing his vision for Bharat Express. He emphasized that the network’s objective is to become a pioneering force in journalism. Rai highlighted Bharat Express’s commitment to addressing contemporary issues and concerns, asserting that their primary focus is public interest and providing accurate information to the people. He affirmed that their agenda is centred on serving the public and ensuring the dissemination of truthful information.

Rai’s visit and the reception he received underscore the significance of Bharat Express’s role in shaping the future of journalism, aiming to prioritize public concerns and deliver reliable news coverage.