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UP Celebrates Ram Wave: Lucknow, the Cultural Hub, Abuzz with Literary, Musical, and Artistic Festivities, Says Dr. Dinesh Sharma

Dr. Dinesh Sharma, the former Deputy Chief Minister, asserts that the significance of the name Ram surpasses that of Lord Ram. After a span of 500 years, Ramlala is poised to occupy his birthplace.

Dr Dinesh Sharma

Dr Dinesh Sharma

Former Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh and Rajya Sabha MP, Dr. Dinesh Sharma, expressed that a “Ram wave” is sweeping across Uttar Pradesh. Highlighting the festive atmosphere in the entire state, he mentioned that after approximately 500 years, Ram Lala is poised to occupy his birthplace.

Dr. Dinesh Sharma went on to emphasize the belief that his own name, Ram, holds greater significance than Lord Ram. According to him, wherever the name Ram is invoked, all endeavors automatically fall into place. Drawing an example from the meeting of Lord Ram and Guru Vashishtha, he recounted an incident where Bajrang Bali, engrossed in chanting Lord Ram’s name, remained unaffected by arrows shot by Lord Ram as a punishment. Explaining the situation, Dr. Dinesh Sharma conveyed that Lord Shankar’s blessing to Mata Anjani ensured that Ram’s name would be the most potent in the world.

Describing Avadhanagari Lucknow as a city of literature, music, and art, Dr. Dinesh Sharma praised its uniqueness. He acknowledged the contributions of historical figures like Yogesh Praveen, Leela Ramkumar, Naushad, Kanchallal, and Swaroop Rani Bakshi to the city’s cultural richness, particularly in the realms of literature, music, and art.

During a book release event for “Gita Bhavamrit” by Aditya Dwivedi at Shri Ramlila Samiti Aishbagh courtyard, Dr. Dinesh Sharma commended the author’s effort to convey the essence of the Gita in simple language. He predicted that Aditya Dwivedi’s book would gain popularity, emphasizing that studying the Gita yields deeper meanings over time. Comparing it to the widespread popularity of the Chaupai from Ramcharitmanas, he stressed the effectiveness of simple language in conveying messages to the people.

Notable figures present at the event included Bharatiya Janata Party State Vice President Pankaj Singh, MLA Neeraj Bora, litterateur Dr. Surya Prasad Dixit, Dinesh Awasthi, satirist Sarvesh Asthana, Harishchandra Aggarwal, and the book author Aditya Dwivedi.