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Ujjain Police Takes Action Against Pistol Sales on Facebook

The Facebook page “Kohinoor Group Ujjain” shared an image depicting a man with pistols attached to his belt.

The pistol was being sold on Facebook with a promise of home delivery.

The pistol was being sold on Facebook with a promise of home delivery.

On February 12, Ujjain police took legal action against individuals who posted images of country-made pistols for sale on Facebook. According to the Source reported that not only were these firearms advertised, but the sellers also promised home delivery of the weapons.

According to police sources, the image of the weapon was shared on a Facebook page named Kohinoor Group Ujjain on April 23, 2023. The seller was identified as ‘Pure Badmash, Mainly Criminal 302’, with the post featuring a man wearing pistols on his belt and numerous bullets visible in the background.

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SP Jayant Rathore informed Source that the post originated from outside Ujjain, and efforts were underway by the cyber cell police to track down the culprits. The accused provided a mobile phone number for potential buyers to place orders.

In a related incident, Ujjain police previously dismantled a gang led by Durlabh Kashyap, who utilized social media for recruitment and to instill fear by sharing images displaying firearms and sharp objects. Kashyap met his demise in a gang altercation in September 2020. Presently, police are also probing another Facebook page questioning Durlabh Kashyap’s status, which similarly features a man posing with pistols, as per source report.