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Supreme Court Directs Actions On Misleading Advertisements In Patanjali Case

The Supreme Court addressing a petition filed by the IMA, alleging that Patanjali conducted a campaign disparaging COVID vaccination.

Supreme Court

During a hearing on Patanjali’s misleading advertisements, the Uttarakhand Ayush Department informed the court that it has filed an affidavit. The Supreme Court appointed lawyer Sadan Farasat as amicus curiae in the case. The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has sought time to file its reply, which the court has granted.

Additionally, the lawyer representing IMA President Ashokan informed the Supreme Court that Ashokan has unconditionally apologized through his website, magazine, and PTI for his controversial statement regarding the court. The court scheduled the next hearing for August 6, presided over by Justices Hima Kohli and Sandeep Mehta.

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In a previous hearing, the court questioned why the IMA President did not publicly apologize despite stating intentions to do so. Acharya Balkrishna filed a petition alleging that Ashokan’s statement directly interfered with judicial proceedings and sought legal action against him.

During proceedings, the Supreme Court emphasized the responsibility of eminent figures endorsing products to act responsibly, especially to prevent misleading advertisements. The court directed adherence to the Cable Television Network Rules, 1994, requiring advertisers to obtain a self-declaration before releasing any advertisement, ensuring compliance with national laws.

The Supreme Court is addressing a petition filed by the Indian Medical Association in 2022, alleging that Patanjali and yoga guru Ramdev conducted a campaign disparaging COVID vaccination and modern medicine systems through misleading advertisements. Despite a ban on these ads, they remain accessible on various online platforms.