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Rahul Gandhi Shares 5-Minute Video Of Manipur Visit, Urges PM Modi To Address Ongoing Violence

Rahul Gandhi in the post caption said even today the state is divided into two parts, following his third visit to Manipur since the violence broke out.

On Thursday, Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi, posted a video on ‘X’ documenting his visit to relief camps in Manipur. In this five-minute video, the Congress MP urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to visit the state, which has been ravaged by ethnic violence. Rahul Gandhi highlighted the ongoing distress in Manipur, noting that houses continue to burn, innocent lives are at risk, and thousands of families are living in relief camps.

Rahul Gandhi in Manipur

Having visited Manipur for the third time since violence erupted in May 2023, Rahul Gandhi emphasized that the state remains divided. He urged PM Modi to personally visit Manipur, listen to the people’s grievances, and appeal for peace. The video shows Rahul Gandhi consoling several individuals affected by the ethnic clashes.

A woman from the Jiribam relief camp shared her anguish, revealing that her grandmother is still trapped in a conflict zone and is unreachable. Similarly, at a relief camp in Thalai, Assam, another woman recounted how her brother died due to the lack of adequate medical care. Rahul Gandhi assured that the Congress party would provide necessary medicines to the camp.

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Rahul Gandhi stressed that the government has the power to swiftly end the conflict. Speaking at a relief camp in Churachandpur, he underscored the urgency of governmental intervention. The violence in Churachandpur, which started on May 3, began after a Kuki-led march protesting a Manipur High Court order that directed the state government to consider including the Meiteis in the Scheduled Tribes list. This conflict between the Kukis and the Meiteis has since claimed over 220 lives.

At the Moirang relief camp, Rahul Gandhi acknowledged the residents’ plight, stating, “I can raise the issue and put pressure. But I can’t assure you about going back. Because that question will be answered by the government. In the next session, I’ll speak for you.”