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PM’s ‘Emergency’ Attack On Congress Kicks Off Parliament Session, Kharge Hits Back On NEET

The Prime Minister emphasized the need for cooperation to serve the nation and its citizens but also delivered a stern message to the Opposition.

As he commenced the first Parliament session of his third term, the Prime Minister launched a vigorous critique against the main Opposition Congress before the Lok Sabha convened this morning. In a media address prior to the House meeting, the Prime Minister highlighted that June 25 — tomorrow — marks the 50th anniversary of the Emergency, denouncing it as a “black spot” on India’s democracy.

This Parliament session follows the general elections, in which the Opposition’s strong performance kept the BJP from securing a majority. Despite this, the Prime Minister has resumed office with the support of NDA allies, and the Opposition intends to leverage its numbers to challenge the government on the House floor.

The Prime Minister’s assertive speech suggests that, despite electoral setbacks, the BJP is determined not to yield to the Opposition’s pressures. He assured the public that his government will work thrice as hard in its third term to deliver threefold results.

This election is historically significant, he noted, as it is only the second instance since Independence that a government has been elected for a third consecutive term. “This opportunity has come after 60 years. When people choose a government for the third term, it signifies their endorsement of its intent, policies, and dedication. I thank the people for this,” he stated.

Reflecting on the Emergency imposed by the then Indira Gandhi government, he said, “Tomorrow marks 50 years of the black spot on Indian democracy. The new generation must remember how the Constitution was suspended, the country turned into a jail, and democracy was seized. On this 50th anniversary, the nation must pledge: never again.”

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The Prime Minister emphasized the need for cooperation to serve the nation and its citizens but also delivered a stern message to the Opposition. “India needs a responsible Opposition. People desire substance, not slogans; debate, not drama; diligence, not disturbance in Parliament. I hope the Opposition will meet the people’s expectations,” he said.

Highlighting the public’s high expectations from MPs, he urged them to take all necessary steps for public welfare. He congratulated the newly elected MPs, noting that this is the first time they will take their oath in the new Parliament building.

The Prime Minister’s remarks, especially his pointed criticism of the Congress, elicited a sharp response. Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge expressed that the nation expected the Prime Minister to address pressing issues such as the NEET protests, the train accident in West Bengal, and the ongoing violence in Manipur.