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Parliament Today: White Paper on UPA Era Economy, Budget Discussions, Smart Cities Report, and Cyclone Impact Debate

Discussion on interim budget 2024-25, and the interim budget of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir will resume in the Rajya Sabha today.

Today in Lok Sabha is poised for a potentially illuminating session as the government prepares to present a ‘white paper’ on the economy during the UPA era. This document is expected to shed light on the economic policies and performance of the previous administration, sparking crucial debates and discussions.

Meanwhile, the Rajya Sabha will resume its discussion on the interim budget for 2024-25, alongside the interim budget of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Additionally, Union Minister Bupender Yadav will initiate a motion for the election to the Central Advisory Committee, indicating significant deliberations on policy matters.

In another significant development, Rajya Sabha MPs Ram Chander Jangra and Dr. K Laxman will table the Twenty-First Report of the Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Housing and Urban Affairs. This report evaluates the effectiveness of the Smart Cities Mission, offering valuable insights into urban development strategies.

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Over in the Lok Sabha, MPs Ravneet Singh and Bhavana Gawali (Patil) will present the minutes of the Thirteenth sitting of the Committee on Absence of Members from the sittings of the House, held on February 6. This underscores the parliamentary commitment to transparency and accountability.

Additionally, Congress MP Manickam Tagore has submitted an adjournment motion notice in the Lok Sabha, seeking to discuss the impact of cyclone Michaung in Tamil Nadu. This reflects the urgent need for parliamentary attention to natural disasters and their repercussions on affected regions.

Overall, the parliamentary proceedings are expected to be dynamic and substantive, with diverse issues ranging from economic policies to disaster management taking center stage.