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Nuh Violence Accused Held By Cops On Faridabad Streets; Watch Video

Haryana police apprehended Bittu Bajrangi, a self-proclaimed Faridabad-based cow protector in connection with the recent outbreaks of violence in Nuh and Gurugram.

Haryana police apprehended Bittu Bajrangi, a Faridabad-based cow protector, based in Faridabad, in connection with the recent outbreaks of violence in Nuh and Gurugram. The violence led to the tragic loss of at least six lives. The provocative remarks made by Bajrangi and his counterpart Monu Manesar, a fellow activist of Bajrang Dal, reportedly prompted the unrest.

Going by the alias Rajkumar, Bajrangi’s arrest took place close to his residence in Faridabad after an extensive pursuit by law enforcement. A CCTV footage of the chase has gone viral on social media, showing Bajrangi, wearing a lungi in an attempt to prevent getting caught by the pursuing officers.

The sight of around 15-20 plainclothes policemen surprised Bajrangi, who was eventually apprehended after a brief chase through the streets of Faridabad on a Tuesday afternoon.

Subsequently, Bajrangi was interrogated by the police in relation to a fresh FIR lodged against him and approximately 15-20 others at Nuh’s Sadar police station. This FIR was filed following a complaint submitted by Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Usha Kundu, as reported by the police.

According to law enforcement sources, Bajrangi, who serves as the president of a group known as the Goraksha Bajrang Force, was initially taken into custody by a Crime Investigation Agency team from Tauru while in Faridabad. He was then brought in for questioning.

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A representative from Nuh Police later confirmed that he was formally arrested after the interrogation and is scheduled to appear in court on Wednesday.

Having faced allegations in multiple other cases, Bajrangi carries charges of rioting, violence, threats, disruption of governmental work, obstructing an officer from performing duties, and inflicting harm with a deadly weapon.

Officials confirmed ongoing efforts to apprehend the remaining individuals involved, with a concurrent focus on monitoring social media. Stringent measures will be enforced against those propagating provocative speeches or disseminating misleading information, authorities emphasized.

The recent clashes, sparked by an attempt to halt a Vishva Hindu Parishad procession, initially unfolded in Nuh and subsequently spread to Gurugram. Tragically, six people, including two home guards and a clergy member, lost their lives during these clashes.

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