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No religious reservations as long as BJP is in power: JP Nadda

BJP President JP Nadda, , declared that there will be no religious reservations as long as Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP are in office


Varanasi: Bharatiya Janta Party  President JP Nadda, declared on Monday that there will be no religious reservations as long as Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP are in office. He accused the opposition of planning to provide religious reservations, claiming that it is plainly stated in the Constitution that there would be no religion-based reservations.

As long as PM Modi and the BJP are in power, there would be no such reservation, he told reporters. He was in the city to campaign for Modi, who is running for Lok Sabha for the third time from Varanasi.
“We will not allow anyone to interfere with the reservation of our Dalit, tribal, backward, and extremely backward sections. You will see what happens to the opposition on June 4 (vote counting day),” Nadda warned.
Addressing an intellectuals’ gathering here, he stated, “For a long time, politics meant ‘divide and rule,’ but now the ‘politics of development’ is going on.” ”What was the political scenario 10 years ago,” Nadda queried, adding that India was one of the most corrupt countries, but the most serious issue was that the average guy had become apathetic to politics and his faith had been shaken. This poses a threat to democracy, but in the last decade, PM Modi has instilled faith in the ordinary man in the country’s progress,” the BJP head stated.
Previously, the opposition fostered casteism through a ‘divide and rule’ campaign that divided people based on religion and location, he said. “Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also jolted this culture. Today, development politics are taking place, with’sabka saath sabka prayas aur sabka vishwas’ (everyone’s support, effort, and trust) serving as the foundation, Nadda stressed.

He stated, “On June 1, when you all vote for the BJP, the foundation of development India will be laid. Whether it is BRICS, G-7, or G-20, no international forum remains where India is not represented.” He said that we are now special invitees in locations where we were previously not members. Within nine months, two Covid vaccines were produced in the nation. During the epidemic, the government administered a double dosage of vaccination, and 140 crore individuals were protected after receiving booster doses,” he added.
Nadda stated that when previous Prime Minister Manmohan Singh visited Washington, he discussed terrorism, claiming that we face dangers from both terrorists and Pakistan. PM Modi stated that there is no threat. “We understand how to manage surgical attacks and air strikes; we will invade their turf and kill.

The BJP President also discussed the benefits that people receive from different Central government initiatives, including as the Ayushman Yojana, Ujjwala Yojana, and Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana.” Nadda travelled to Varanasi and made prayers at the Kaal Bhairav shrine. “When I visit Varanasi, I pay my respects at the Kal Bhairav, Sankat Mochan, and Kashi Vishwanath temples. As we all know, Kashi is a holy city that promotes Sanatan Dharma. I receive fresh energy here,” he added.
Varanasi, where PM Modi is running, will hold elections on June 1. Ajay Rai, the state president of Congress, will run for the seat. ”I prayed for the well-being of society, peace, and happiness, as well as for strength to the development projects launched by the Narendra Modi government. Modi will become Prime Minister for the third time, with ‘400 paar’ seats,” he added.