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Nitish Resigns at Raj Bhavan Following PM’s Call, Extends Best Wishes

PM Modi Wishes Nitish Kumar as He Resigns, Call Received Before Raj Bhavan Visit: Media Reports

On January 28, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar resigned from his position. Additionally, he is scheduled to take the oath as Chief Minister for the ninth time today at 5 pm. The President of the Janata Dal (United), Nitish Kumar, had a conversation with Prime Minister Modi before submitting his resignation. According to media reports, on Sunday morning, Prime Minister Modi called Nitish Kumar and conveyed his best wishes.

PM Modi congratulated Nitish Kumar

Following Nitish Kumar’s resignation, the alliance between JDU-RJD and Congress has come to an end. This coalition, which had been in place since 2022, has now dissolved. It is reported that Nitish Kumar, after speaking to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, proceeded to Raj Bhavan to submit his resignation to Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar. During this interaction, he requested the Governor to terminate the coalition government.

Before formally resigning, Nitish Kumar received congratulations from Prime Minister Modi over the phone. This development indicates a shift in political dynamics and suggests that Nitish Kumar may be considering a new political alignment or strategy. The dissolution of the alliance marks a significant change in the political landscape, and the reasons behind these decisions are likely to unfold in the coming days.

Everything was not going well in the alliance

After submitting his resignation to the Governor and leaving Raj Bhavan, Nitish Kumar addressed the media. He highlighted that a coalition government, consisting of the RJD, Congress, and JDU, was formed one and a half years ago. However, he expressed that the collaboration faced challenges, with difficulties arising in the working relationship with allies.

During the media interaction, Nitish Kumar shared that the ‘India Alliance’ was established with considerable effort. He emphasized that he had made sincere attempts to bring everyone together, fostering cooperation among the coalition partners. Despite his efforts, he stated that he was compelled to resign from his position as the difficulties within the alliance became untenable. The reasons for the breakdown in the coalition and Nitish Kumar’s departure are crucial aspects that may unfold in the coming days.

When were there signs of breaking of the alliance?

Signs of a possible alliance break in Bihar emerged two days ago, on January 26. During a ‘tea party’ at Raj Bhavan attended by Nitish Kumar and Vijay Sinha, the atmosphere was marked by significant banter between the two leaders, hinting at strains within the alliance.

On Saturday, Nitish Kumar visited Buxar, where he had a meeting with MP Ashwini Choubey. The warm welcome extended by Choubey and their joint visit to Brahmapur temple fueled speculations about a potential new BJP-JDU alliance in Bihar. These events have brought clarity regarding the state of the existing alliance.