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Mass Marriage: Umesh Kumar, MLA from Khanpur organizes wedding of 22 couples in Uttarakhand

The mass marraige will be organized at the Chandan Palace in Luxor, Haridwar, Uttarakhand….

Mass Marriage:

Mass Marriage organized by Umesh Kumar in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand’s Khanpur MLA, Umesh Kumar has always won everyone’s heart with his service, courage, zeal, and enthusiasm. Ahead of his extraordinary personality, he has become popular on social media as well. It was the spirit of service that brought him to power. After being elected as a public representative, he transformed the hopes and expectations of the people into faith. Moreover, the Khanpur MLA, Umesh is organizing mass marriages of 22 couples of different religions today. Umesh Kumar has taken the initiative and it has given him the stature of a messiah for the needy around his constituency.

According to the reports, on January 28, almost 22 mass marriages will be organized under the supervision of Umesh Kumar, including couples of every religion. This initiative will help several poor and destitute people to get a chance to begin their new lives. Thousands of people are expected to participate in the mass wedding ceremony.  All the arrangements like food and shelter will be seen by him.

Details of the mass marriage

Taking notes from the mass marriage, the event will be organized at the Chandan Palace in Luxor, Haridwar, Uttarakhand. The specialty of this mass marriage is that people of different religions will be married in this wedding program.

In this memorable function, Karishma with Prashant, Ajita with Ajesh, Swati with Nikhil, Priyanka with Ashu Skrampal, Swati with Ankit, Komal with Rahul, Swati with Ankash, Preeti with Arjun, Manika with Surender, Shivani with Akash, Sonia with Ovilash, Kajal with Milan, Hasan Jahan with Sulaiman, Farmani with Afzal, Rakhi with Shubham, Shaloo with Gagan, Noor Jahan with Parvez, Bhuriya with Ankit, Anjum with Usman, Ayesha with Shavez and Farzana along with Amjad are going to get married today at the event.