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Leader Of Opposition Rahul Gandhi In Raebareli, Meets Party Leaders

Rahul Gandhi, Leader of the Opposition, visited his parliamentary constituency on Tuesday for the first time since assuming his new role.

Rahul Gandhi Raebareli

Rahul Gandhi, the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, embarked on a significant day-long visit to his parliamentary constituency on Tuesday, marking his first return since assuming his new role.

According to Congress sources, Rahul Gandhi’s journey commenced at Lucknow airport after adverse weather conditions forced the redirection of his special aircraft en route from Manipur.

Upon arrival in Raebareli, Rahul Gandhi commenced his itinerary with a solemn visit to a local temple in Bachhrawan, where he offered prayers.

Subsequently, he proceeded to the Bhuemau Guest House, where he engaged in discussions with a diverse array of delegations, including representatives from various societal segments, party officials, and local residents.

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Among the poignant highlights of his visit, Rahul Gandhi planned to meet with the bereaved family of late Captain Anshuman Singh, who tragically perished in the Siachen fire of July 2023.

His schedule further included visits to several villages within his constituency, underscoring his commitment to grassroots engagement.

Later in the day, Rahul Gandhi is likely to conclude his visit and return to New Delhi, thereby encapsulating a day of meaningful interactions and strategic outreach within Raebareli.

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