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Know The Name Of Ram Lalla Consecrated At The Janmabhoomi Temple In Ayodhya

The 51-inch figure was carved from a rock that is three billion years old by Mysuru-based sculptor Arun Yogiraj.

Ram lalla name

Ram Lalla

Name of the recently consecrated idol of Lord Ram Lalla at the Ram Temple in Ayodhya is slated to be “Balak Ram” since it shows the god as a five-year-old boy in a standing posture. “The idol of Lord Ram, whose consecration was done on January 22, has been named as ‘Balak Ram’. The reason for naming the idol of Lord Ram as ‘Balak Ram’ is that he resembles a child, whose age is five years,” Arun Dixit, a priest associated with the consecration ceremony was quoted by PTI.

3 Billion-year-old stone carved to create Ram Lalla’s idol

The 51-inch figure was carved from a rock that is three billion years old by Mysuru-based sculptor Arun Yogiraj. The sculpture’s azure-colored black schist, or ‘Krishna Shila’, came from Gujjegowdanapura in Jayapura Hobli, HD Kote Taluk, Mysuru. Because of its smooth surface, this sky-blue, fine-to-medium-grained metamorphic rock is also called soapstone. It is perfect for sculptors to use when creating idols.

Ram idol adorned with gold

The idol is dressed in Banarasi fabric, wearing a scarlet “pataka” or “angavastram” and a yellow dhoti. The ‘angavastram’ is adorned with threads and pure gold ‘zari,’ displaying auspicious Vaishnav symbols like ‘mayur,’ ‘padma,”shankh,’ and ‘chakra.’

Ganesh Bhatt, Yogiraj, and Satyanarayan Pandey are the three sculptors that created the Rama Lalla idols for the shrine. Two of the idols will be placed in various temple areas, and one will be placed in the sanctum sanctorum, according the temple trust.

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Massive crowd of Devotees visited Ram Lalla

Following the dedication of Lord Ram Lalla’s idol, “pran prathishtha,” in a lavish ceremony presided over by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday, a sizable throng of pilgrims descended upon the Ram Temple. The idol of Ram Lalla that was earlier kept in an improvised shrine has been placed in front of the recently dedicated idol.

Devotees went to the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya on Tuesday as it opened to the public after the pran pratishtha ceremony for Ram Lalla. Under strict security, a sizable contingent of devotees—both locals and visitors from other states—had gathered outside the temple gates since Monday night, ready to enter the premises.