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IndiGo Passenger Says ‘Sorry Sir’ After Slapping Pilot | WATCH

After physically assaulting the pilot of IndiGo fight, another clip of the passenger has emerged showing him apologizing to the captain.

After a video of a passenger, identified as Sahil Kataria causing trouble on an IndiGo flight went viral, another clip has emerged showing him apologizing to the captain. The incident occurred during a Delhi to Goa flight when the pilot announced a delay, causing Sahil, who claimed to have waited for 13 hours, to lose his temper and physically assault the pilot.

In the subsequent 22-second video, Sahil is seen saying “Sorry sir” with folded hands as he is escorted away by authorities on the tarmac. Despite his apology, he is likely to face consequences, potentially being added to the ‘No Fly List.’

Delhi Police are taking legal action against Sahil for the disturbance. The co-pilot and security personnel on IndiGo flight 6E 2175 between Delhi and Goa filed complaints about Sahil’s assault and misbehaviour.

Sahil Kataria is now facing charges under sections 323, 341, and 290 of the IPC, along with section 22 of the Aircraft Rules. IndiGo Airlines has formed an internal committee to address the matter, contemplating actions against Sahil, including the possibility of placing him on the ‘No Fly List’ for unruly behaviour.

As per government rules established in 2017 for dealing with unruly passengers, the pilot must file a complaint, leading to an internal investigation. During the probe, the airline can ban the passenger for a maximum of 30 days. The committee has 30 days to decide on the appropriate actions and the duration of the potential ban.

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