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IndiGo Flight Passenger Slaps Pilot, Says ‘Chalna Hai Toh Chal…’ | WATCH

Frustrated of waiting, passenger takes matters in his own hands and slaps the pilot of the IndiGo flight.

IndiGo flight's passenger slaps pilot

IndiGo flight's passenger slaps pilot

A passenger on an IndiGo flight caused a chaotic scene on Sunday night when he misbehaved with the plane’s pilot. The entire incident was captured in a video, which is widely doing rounds on social media.

The trouble began when the pilot was announcing a delay in the IndiGo flight. The frustrated passenger took matters into his own hands – quite literally. The passenger, who claimed to have waited for 13 hours, lost his temper and slapped the flight’s pilot. The attacker’s face remains unseen in the video.

The video shows the IndiGo flight’s pilot explaining the delay to passengers when the individual rushed towards him and slapped him. In the footage, the passenger can be heard expressing his frustration to him and saying, “Chalna hai toh chal warna gate khol (If you want to fly, then fly; otherwise, open the gate)”.

Amidst the chaos, an air hostess intervened, attempting to alleviate the situation and calm the passenger down. Despite her efforts, the situation escalated, prompting the pilot to retreat into the cockpit, seemingly frightened.

Take a look:

The aftermath of the incident led to disorder on the plane, and public opinion has turned against the young man in the video. Many people are calling for police action against him. IndiGo, the airline involved, expressed regret over the incident, acknowledging the disruption caused by the flight delay and the subsequent altercation.

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