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Himmat Singh Sworn In As Chairman Of Haryana Staff Selection Commission

Nayab Singh Saini, Haryana’s CM, oversaw the swearing-in of Himmat Singh as the new Chairman of the HSSC on Saturday.


Nayab Singh Saini, the Chief Minister of Haryana, officiated the oath-taking ceremony where Himmat Singh assumed the position of Chairman of the Haryana Staff Selection Commission (HSSC) on Saturday.

In a solemn pledge, Himmat Singh vowed to uphold the integrity and credibility of the Commission, emphasizing transparency and meritocracy in the selection process as his paramount objectives.

Prior to his appointment, Himmat Singh held the esteemed position of Additional Advocate General of Haryana, showcasing a wealth of experience and expertise in legal matters.

Chief Minister Nayab Singh Saini expressed confidence in Himmat Singh’s ability to execute his new role with unwavering dedication, striving to fulfill the aspirations of the state’s youth.

Underlining the achievements of the government in the realm of recruitment and welfare policies, the Chief Minister articulated his optimism in Himmat Singh’s capacity to further enhance the Commission’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Furthermore, Nayab Singh Saini lauded Haryana as a pioneer in fair and transparent recruitment practices, asserting that the state stands out as a beacon of meritocracy, devoid of corruption or nepotism in its employment procedures.

The appointment of Himmat Singh signals a commitment to upholding the principles of integrity and fairness in governance, bolstering public trust in the administration’s commitment to serving the interests of the people.

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