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“Cong govt sold papers for all exams”: PM Modi’s major accusation in Rajasthan before the polls

In the event that the BJP wins power, the prime minister promised that those responsible for the paper leaks would face consequences.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Regarding the paper leak issue, Rajasthan’s Congress government, led by Ashok Gehlot, came under fire from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday. The prime minister promised to take action against individuals responsible for the document leaks if the Bhartiya Janata Party were to form a government in the state while speaking at a rally in Kota.

The prime minister stated, “Students come to Kota for education purposes from all across the country.” “Over the past five years, the Congress Party has consistently dashed young people’s hopes and expectations. All exam papers were sold by Congress. I want to reassure you that the person responsible for the document leak will go to jail. This is Modi’s assurance,” he continued.

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PM Modi persisted in his assault, claiming that if the Congress held onto power, it will harm the state much more. He further claimed that the state is approving the open holding of rallies by the outlawed Popular Front of India (PFI). “PFI rally is being carried out in full police protection; the longer such a Congress government remains in power, the more damage it will inflict on Rajasthan,” the prime minister stated.

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The PFI was prohibited by the Center in September of last year due to its purported linkages to international terrorist groups such as ISIS and its involvement in terrorist activities. Additionally, Modi asserted that Rajasthan’s harbor “intense anger” for the Gehlot administration.

“I have never witnessed such ferocious opposition against the Rajasthani Congress government. Rajasthan’s young are seeking independence from the Congress. Rajasthani women, farmers, traders, businesspeople, and shopkeepers all desire independence from the Congress. These individuals will spearhead the process of establishing an India free of the Congress,” he declared.