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CM Yogi Adityanath Shows a Victory Sign During an Election Campaign For BJP’s In Lucknow

“Our instructions are simple. ‘Kisi gareeb aur shareef ko chhedna nahi hai, par kisi goonda aur apradhi ko seena taan ke chalne bhi nahi dena hai,’ CM Yogi

Yogi Adityanath

Courtesy @ANI

On Tuesday, Yogi conducted public gatherings in Prayagraj, Jhansi, and Lucknow, urging people to vote for BJP candidates to elect a complete board to speed local development.

During his campaign,

The CM urged people to vote in all ten municipal corporation areas. He also promised to continue working for the state’s growth. During the first phase, he held conferences and rallies in 28 different locations over the course of seven days.

LUCKNOW On Tuesday,

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that although missiles made in Lucknow will make the country’s foes tremble, an impending night safari here would teach people how lions live.

“From the Brahmos missiles to night safari where the lion would be moving in the open and the humans would move in protection, Lucknow is set to witness development and some exciting times. That is why it is important to cast your vote wisely and choose a party that has brought focus on development,” said Adityanath addressing a public meeting in the state capital.

“It is important that you realise that this is not the time to get trapped in caste and communal considerations. You must vote for a BJP majority municipal board with the party’s mayor to ensure a triple engine government for even better growth,” he said.

“Today, all urban centres are turning into smart cities and there is online monitoring of traffic. There is an effort to ensure safety coverage to the entire urban sprawl. With 110 wards, Lucknow is the biggest municipal board and I have come here to tell you that by electing BJP, you would automatically showcase your preference for development,” he said.

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Addressing a public meeting in Jhansi,

The CM accused the previous governments of neglecting development of Bundelkhand region and “looting its natural resources”, something that he said none would “dare to do” in his government.

“Our instructions are simple. ‘Kisi gareeb aur shareef ko chhedna nahi hai, par kisi goonda aur apradhi ko seena taan ke chalne bhi nahi dena hai’ (Don’t harass the poor, but won’t let any criminal wander freely in the state).”

“After independence, Bundelkhand was supposed to participate in the development process, but the people in power never gave development any thought. Instead, their henchmen never thought twice before plundering Bundelkhand’s resources. That’s why people of Bundelkhand were forced to migrate and youths became unemployed,” he said.

“PM Modi laid the foundation stone of a massive plant of Bharat Dynamics in this region and the work of Defence Corridor is also going on. These will ensure employment to thousands of young people. The PM has dedicated the Bundelkhand Expressway, which has become the lifeline of Bundelkhand, and soon the government is going to start its Jhansi link,” he said.

“We have announced 6,000 crore for constituting the Jhansi Bundelkhand Industrial Development Authority (JBIDA). Now, the youth of Bundelkhand will not need to migrate to other cities as they will get employment here itself,” added the CM.