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BJP MLA Rajeshwar Singh Visits Old Age Home On Mother’s Death Anniversary; Provides Humanitarian Help, Organizes ‘Free Health Dental Camp’

The BJP MLA also has provided necessary resources to the elderly people staying in the old age home…

Rajeshwar Singh

BJP MLA Rajeshwar Singh visits Old age home

Lucknow: Sarojini Nagar BJP MLA Dr Rajeshwar Singh has spent his mother Tara Singh’s first death anniversary in a very humble and humanitarian way.  The BJP leader spent time with the oldies in a Public Education Institute old age home on Sunday.

Knowing the fact that Dr Rajeshwar Singh will address and interact with the senior citizens, the elderly were seen as very excited. Moreover, as soon as he arrived, the BJP leader met everyone personally and asked them about their conditions. During the interaction, a few of the senior citizens told about their health problems, including hearing loss, while some said they have problems with their eyes. Rajeshwar Singh assured to solve all the problems including getting an ear machine and eye treatment done.

The BJP MLA also has provided necessary resources to the elderly people staying in the old age home. He gave 5 coolers, 5 pedestal fans, 5 walkers, and books to read and also gave subscriptions to online newspapers and magazines. He assured the installation of a projector and sound system, light handpump, solar light and all other basic facilities in the ashram for the entertainment of the elderly. Further, he promised to take Naimisharanya Dham and Mathura Darshan to the old people. Dr Singh presented sarees to all the women and angavastras to the men.

On this occasion, the faces of the elderly people lit up with happiness, seeing this Dr Rajeshwar Singh also became emotional. Keeping in mind the facilities of the elderly, Dr Rajeshwar Singh also talked about getting the benefits of the Ayushman card and old age pension schemes for them as soon as possible.

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Addressing the gathering, Dr Rajeshwar Singh said that today on Mother’s Day, spending time with you all gave me nostalgia for my childhood memories. Similarly, my mother gave me affection and blessings as you have given me. Mothers played an incomparable role in building a qualified, educated and empowered society.

He also said that the contribution of elders in the freedom struggle was crucial, after independence you strengthened the country with your hard work and dedication, because of this India is established as a superpower today. I express my heartfelt gratitude to all of you for this. I believe that whatever we do for you people is less.

BJP Leader Singh also organized a ‘Free Health Dental Camp’ in which free dental examination and treatment were done for the elderly by Chetna Dental. During this, Dr Sanjeev Awasthi of Ashiana Dental Hospital was also present.