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Bharat Express Chairman Upendra Rai Discusses Future of News and Strategies for Audience Engagement

Upendra Rai, CMD of Bharat Express News Network, shared the channel’s vision for the future of news in an interview with BW Business World Magazine.

In an interview with BW Business World Magazine, Upendra Rai, Chairman, CMD, and Editor-in-Chief of Bharat Express News Network, outlined Bharat Express’ vision for the future of news, emphasizing the integration of emerging technologies and a focus on personalized content delivery. Here are some of the questions posed and his responses:

How is Bharat Express adapting its content delivery and production methods to ensure relevance and audience engagement amidst changing consumer preferences?

At Bharat Express, we’ve adopted a multi-platform approach to news delivery, spanning television, digital platforms (websites, social media, mobile apps, and streaming services). This strategy allows us to reach diverse audiences with tailored content. We utilize data analytics to understand audience preferences, tailoring content accordingly. We prioritize interactive formats such as live Q&A sessions and quizzes, along with short, concise news segments suitable for platforms like social media.

As traditional revenue models face disruption, what is Bharat Express’s strategy for financial stability?

To address this disruption, Bharat Express diversifies revenue streams, focusing on digital advertising via online platforms. We offer targeted advertising based on user data and explore subscription-based models for premium content. Content syndication, branded content, and live events are also avenues for revenue generation.

How does Bharat Express gauge audience engagement in a fragmented media environment, and what strategies effectively retain and grow the audience and reader base?

We employ traditional metrics like audience ratings and reach, supplemented by digital analytics measuring online engagement (website traffic, social media interactions, etc.). Social media metrics inform us about audience engagement on those platforms. Retention metrics such as average watch duration help us assess audience loyalty.

How is Bharat Express leveraging emerging technologies like AI and Machine Learning to enhance news gathering, improve audience interactions, and streamline operations?

AI tools automate news articles and anchoring, enabling timely content production. Transcription and translation tools aid in captioning videos and making content accessible across languages. AI and Machine Learning optimize operational processes like resource allocation and scheduling, reducing costs and enhancing efficiency.

What steps does Bharat Express take to ensure content authenticity and combat misinformation in the digital age?

We implement a rigorous verification process at multiple levels before broadcasting news. If misinformation occurs, we promptly correct it and take measures to prevent recurrence.

Can you elaborate on Bharat Express’s leadership principles and how they foster innovation and inclusivity?

Our leadership emphasizes clear vision, communication, and empowerment, fostering a culture of innovation and inclusivity. We encourage employees to contribute ideas and challenge the status quo, creating an environment of trust and growth.

As audience preferences evolve, what measures is Bharat Express taking to personalize content delivery?

We tailor content based on data-driven insights, deliver across multiple platforms, employ interactive features, and ensure diverse perspectives, providing a personalized news experience for our viewers and readers.

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