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Artists Enchant Nodia Residents With Commendable Presentation Of Ramcharitmanas

The mesmerizing portrayal of Ramcharitmanas by artists in Noida’s Wishtown captured the hearts of people.

After the much anticipated Ram Mandir consecration, Lord Ram’s name resonates throughout the country. Speaking of, in Noida, the mesmerizing portrayal of Ramcharitmanas by artists has captured the hearts of the people. Creating an enchanting rendition of the entire Ramcharita with live characters within a span of 2 hours, under the open sky and in 14-degree temperatures, was not easy. However, this remarkable achievement became a reality under the direction of Dr. Anu Sinha. Those who witnessed the event were left in awe while the entire Wishtown of Noida applauded him for making it happen.

Dr. Anu Sinha’s vision comes true

Dr. Anu Sinha’s visionary dream has materialized, with special contributions from Dr. Suman Prakash Gupta, Praveen, Sunil, and BL Batra in shaping that vision. Simultaneously, the exceptional efforts and hard work of all the talented artists, who delivered outstanding choreography and acting, played a crucial role in creating history. The success of the program, coupled with the excellent portrayal of both the main and supporting characters, made the entire event not only triumphant but also highly memorable.

Proclamation of Jai Shri Ram

The resounding proclamation of “Jai Shri Ram” echoed in the air, accompanied by applause from devoted Ram followers present at the venue. The expressions and smiles of those seated on the ground amidst dewdrops conveyed that everything had exceeded expectations.

Residents of Wishtown have showered congratulations on everyone involved, particularly Dr. Anu. The hard work and dedication of the entire team have etched this day into the memories of Wishtown residents and other spectators present. Wishtown residents express the hope that the trend of such successful events continues in the future.

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