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“This Is So So So Stupid” Vivek Agnihotri On The Decision To Place Cops At Delhi Metro

“This is so stupid,” Vivek Agnihotri tweeted in response to the decision of Cops at Delhi metro.

Vivek Agnihotri

Vivek Agnihotri

In a recent tweet, filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri addressed the new Delhi Metro patrolling rule. In light of “objectionable” behaviour in the Delhi Metro, it was recently reported that police will be patrolling the coaches.

Vivek Agnihotri reacts to Delhi Metro rules

“This is so stupid,” Vivek Agnihotri tweeted in response to this decision. Vivek posted a report on the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation’s (DMRC) recent decision to check for “objectionable” behaviour. After a series of videos from the Delhi Metro went viral online, this decision was made about a week ago. The most recent of these shows a man masturbating inside a Metro bus. Several people questioned the proper conduct of public transportation after the video went viral.

Considering this new occurrence, authorities have said that police will be conveyed to Metro mentors soon, both in outfits and common garments. The DMRC also stated that it intends to use the CCTV cameras that are installed inside Metro coaches more frequently in order to catch people engaging in inappropriate behaviour or making videos that could be disruptive to other passengers. We intend to implement a number of measures to enhance surveillance and security. Anuj Dayal, principal executive director, of corporate communications, at DMRC, stated, “This includes patrolling inside trains.”

When using the Metro, we ask that commuters exercise self-control. The other commuters should immediately report any inappropriate behaviour to the DMRC helpline, describing the corridor, station, and time, among other details. DMRC had previously issued a statement, which read, “DMRC will intensify the number of flying squads consisting of Metro and security staff to monitor such behaviour and shall take necessary action under relevant provisions of the law.”

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Work front of the director

Chocolate, a crime drama, marked Vivek Agnihotri’s directorial debut. The producer is very dynamic on Twitter, where he shares his perspectives on various issues concerning Bollywood or the ongoing news. Because he wrote and directed The Kashmir Files, he became well known. One of the most successful Indian films of the year was this one. He is currently chipping away at his next film, The Antibody War, which revolves around the immunisation for coronavirus during the pandemic.