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Course Inspired By Taylor Swift To Be Taught At Belgian University

Registration is accessible to everyone, including non-fans of the singer

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is one of the world’s top stars. Her Eras Tour has set a number of records. The first leg of her tour is expected to be the first to achieve $1 billion in ticket sales. Now, a Belgium university is launching a new literature course just to her discography.

Her fans will be able to delve deeper into the music of the American singer-songwriter through the course.

The course titled ‘Literature: Taylor’s Version’ will be accessible to students in the fall.

Elly McCausland, an assistant professor, curated the course.

“I’ve never had so many emails from excited students asking if they can take the course. And actually non-students as well, people who are not part of the university and who want to participate in some way”, she explained.

According to Professor McCausland, this will be Europe’s first course of its kind. The similarities between the singer’s lyrics and the English literature the professor had long studied struck her.

“What I want to do is show students that although these texts might seem inaccessible, they can be accessible if we look at them from a slightly different angle”, she explained.

“So, Shakespeare, in some way, is actually addressing a lot of the same questions as Taylor Swift is today, which seems crazy. But he is”, she added.

“Using Swift’s work as a springboard, we will explore literary feminism, ecocriticism, fan studies, and tropes such as the anti-hero. Swift’s ongoing popularity stems, at least in part, from the heavily intertextual nature of her work, and this course will delve deeper to study its literary roots”, the syllabus notes.

Registration is accessible to everyone, including non-fans of the singer.

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