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Powell Affirms Federal Reserve’s Plan to Lower Rates in 2024 Amid Slowing Inflation and Strong Economy

Powell confirms: Federal Reserve to lower rates in 2024 due to slowing inflation and robust economy.

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, in an interview aired on Sunday night, reiterated the Fed’s intention to cut interest rates three times this year, with the first cut potentially happening as early as May. Powell emphasized the strength of the nation’s job market and economy, dispelling concerns of an imminent recession.

Expressing confidence in the economic outlook, Powell stated, “I do think the economy is in a good place, and there’s every reason to think it can get better.” These comments echoed his earlier remarks during a news conference last Wednesday when the Fed decided to maintain its key interest rate at around 5.4%, a 22-year high.

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The Fed chair emphasized that the central bank’s upcoming meeting in March might be too soon for a rate cut, with many economists anticipating the first cut in May or June. Powell highlighted that a majority of the 19 members of the Fed’s policy-setting committee agreed that rate cuts were appropriate this year. Lowering the central bank’s key interest rate would help reduce the costs of mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, and other consumer and business borrowings.

In line with the December forecast, Powell indicated that policymakers still envisioned three rate cuts in 2024, aiming to bring the benchmark rate down to approximately 4.6% by the end of the year.