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India Overtakes Hong Kong, Emerges as World’s Fourth-Largest Stock Market

ndian exchanges value reach $4.33 trillion, exceeding Hong Kong’s $4.29 trillion: Bloomberg data.

India is 4th largest Stock Market

India is 4th largest Stock Market

As of Monday’s closing, India’s stock market has outpaced Hong Kong for the first time, with the total value of shares listed on Indian exchanges reaching $4.33 trillion, exceeding Hong Kong’s $4.29 trillion, as per Bloomberg data. This milestone solidifies India’s position as the world’s fourth-largest equity market.

India is 4th largest Stock Market

The stock market capitalization crossed the $4 trillion mark on December 5, with nearly half of this increase occurring in the past four years, according to the report.

Several factors contribute to the booming Indian stock market:

1. Stable Political Environment and Consumption-Driven Economy:

Indian equities are on the rise due to a growing base of retail investors and robust corporate earnings. The country is emerging as a viable alternative to China, attracting global capital and companies. The stable political environment and a consumption-driven economy, one of the fastest-growing globally, play a significant role in India’s appeal.

2. Global Shift of Interest:

India’s attractiveness is highlighted by a global shift of interest away from China, partly attributed to stringent anti-Covid-19 measures in Beijing, regulatory crackdowns, a property-sector crisis, and geopolitical tensions with the West. This has led to a significant equities downturn in China and Hong Kong, with a combined loss of over $6 trillion in total market value since their 2021 peaks.

3. Hong Kong’s Challenges:

Hong Kong, in contrast, has faced historic challenges, including regulatory crackdowns and stringent anti-Covid-19 measures. The city’s role as a prominent hub for initial public offerings (IPOs) has diminished amid these challenges, resulting in a downturn in Chinese and Hong Kong stocks.

Ashish Gupta, CIO at Axis Mutual Fund in Mumbai, expressed optimism about India’s growth momentum, stating, “India has all the right ingredients in place to set the growth momentum further.”

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This significant shift in the global equity landscape underscores India’s rising prominence and attractiveness for investors in the current economic landscape.