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Ukraine Claims To Have Shot Down 35 Russian-Launched Drones Overnight

Moscow has recently increased its nighttime attacks

Shot Down

Ukraine reported Thursday that air defence systems in Kyiv and other cities have shot down dozens of Iranian-designed drones launched by Russian forces in the latest midnight bombardment.

On Telegram, the Ukrainian air force wrote, “Russian occupiers attacked with Shahid type UAVs from three directions: Chauda – occupied Crimea, Primorsko-Akhtarsk, Kursk”.

It claimed to have shot down 34 of the 35 drones, with no deaths reported.

Drone attacks have become almost everyday occurrences in Ukraine, and Kyiv has reinforced its air defence systems with weapons supplied by European and US allies.

Moscow has recently increased its nighttime attacks.

Ukraine has requested that its allies deliver more air defence systems.

The Democratic and Republican leaders of the United States Senate announced on Tuesday that Washington will be unable to approve new aid for Ukraine before the year’s end.

Kyiv has accused Moscow of attempting to terrorise its civilians and damage its energy facilities to throw the country into darkness and misery this winter.

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