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UK Demands An Urgent Investigation Into The Deaths Of Gaza Aid Convoy

Foreign Minister David Cameron emphasized the need for more humanitarian aid, urged Israel to open more borders, and urged an immediate humanitarian pause

Urgent Investigation

Foreign Minister David Cameron

The United Kingdom called for an urgent investigation and accountability after more than 100 Palestinians were killed during an aid delivery in Gaza on Friday.

“The deaths of people in Gaza waiting for an aid convoy yesterday were horrific”, Foreign Minister David Cameron stated.

“There should be an immediate investigation and accountability. “This must not happen again”, Cameron added.

He stated that the occurrence was inextricably linked to inadequate aid supplies and that the current scenario is simply unacceptable.

“Israel must ensure that significantly more humanitarian aid reaches the people of Gaza”, Cameron continued, urging it to open more borders and remove bureaucratic barriers.

“This tragedy only serves to underscore the importance of securing an immediate humanitarian pause”, Mr. Cameron concluded.

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