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Special Counsel Status Granted To Trump-Appointed Prosecutor Investigating Hunter Biden

This development comes after plea negotiations between the Justice Department and Hunter Biden hit an impasse, leading to an anticipated trial.

David Weiss

David Weiss

In a surprising turn of events, David Weiss, the US attorney appointed by former President Donald Trump to investigate Hunter Biden, has been granted special counsel status.

This development comes after plea negotiations between the Justice Department and Hunter Biden hit an impasse, leading to an anticipated trial.

Special Counsel Appointment Amidst Plea Talks Collapse

Weiss, the prosecutor overseeing the case, sought expanded authority from Attorney General Merrick Garland after discussions to resolve tax and gun charges faltered.

The plea deal, announced in June, involved Biden’s guilty plea to two tax misdemeanours and the dropping of a felony gun charge after two years of good behaviour and passing drug tests. Federal prosecutors had also recommended probation rather than jail time.

Judge’s Scrutiny and Complexities

However, the plea deal faced scrutiny during a lengthy court hearing last month, overseen by District Judge Maryellen Noreika.

The judge raised concerns about the intertwined nature of the agreements, deeming them “confusing,” “atypical,” “ not straightforward,” “unprecedented.”

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As a result, she instructed the Justice Department and Biden’s legal team to submit additional legal arguments defending the constitutionality of the agreement.

Talks Fail, Trial Imminent

Despite post-hearing negotiations, the parties could not resolve their differences. Weiss officially announced the failure of talks, indicating that a trial was the next step. This decision not only prolongs the case but also marks a significant escalation in the legal proceedings.

“After the hearing, the parties continued negotiating but reached an impasse a trial is therefore in order,” the prosecutors wrote.

Special Counsel Authority and Uncharted Territory

Attorney General Garland’s decision elevates Weiss to special counsel status, affording him more independence from the Justice Department.

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This move is unprecedented, as the nation now faces three special counsels concurrently investigating the sitting president, his son, and the previous president.

Impact on White House and Political Context

The Biden investigation has deeply impacted President Joe Biden’s administration and has been a focal point for congressional Republicans.

The change in Weiss’s status raises questions about the potential politicisation of the Justice Department, particularly as critics claim the department’s independence is compromised.

Unchanged Case Dynamics

Despite the change in Weiss’s title, Biden’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, emphasised that the core aspects of the case remain unchanged.

Lowell stated that the comprehensive five-year investigation, one of the most extensive in history, is expected to conclude similarly to the previous trajectory: with misdemeanour tax charges and a diversion agreement to address the felony gun charge.