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17 Sets Of Twins To Start Primary School In Scotland

As the new school year approaches, a Scottish council is getting ready for a unique beginning with the enrollment of 17 sets of twins in primary one.

Primary class started by 17 twins

Primary class started by 17 twins

With 17 sets of twins enrolling this year, a Scottish council has once again been identified as the area with a large proportion of twins starting their primary school careers. The Inverclyde region now has an astounding total of over 147 sets of twins enrolled in primary schools, reinforcing its status as the council area with the highest number of twins in educational institutions.

Primary class started by 17 twins

The Inverclyde district in Scotland is reportedly known as “Twinverclyde” for its high twin prevalence; a record-breaking 19 sets of twins began attending school in 2015.
The district’s second-highest rate on record was this year. A dress rehearsal for the big day was held at St. Patrick’s Primary in Greenock, with 15 out of the 17 sets of this year’s twin intake in attendance, according to the news portal.

St. Patrick’s School, Ardgowan

The honor of hosting the most twin pairs will belong to St. Patrick’s School and Ardgowan Primary. Three sets of twins will enroll in the P1 classes at each of these schools.
Depute Provost Graeme Brooks remarked, “Welcoming our twins into primary one has become an annual event in Inverclyde, or Twinverclyde as we’ve become known.

What better way to look forward to the start of the new term than seeing the students here looking beautiful in their uniforms?’ he continued. ‘Excitement is undoubtedly growing for the start of the new term next week’.

“It’s also a good bit of fun for parents too—and a handy dress rehearsal ahead of the real thing next Friday.”

“We’re lucky to have so many incredible schools here in Inverclyde, with every one renewed or extensively refurbished, including St. Patrick’s, which was rebuilt and opened in 2016, thanks to the council’s unprecedented quarter billion (250,000,000 Pounds) investment in our school estate,” the mayor stated.