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About 144 of the 193 member-states of the United Nations acknowledge a Palestinian state, including the majority of the global south, Russia, China, and India

Norway will recognize Palestine as a state on May 28, following Ireland's announcement of its intention to recognize Palestinian statehood by the end of the month

Norway is a close ally of the United States, and the Nordic country has attempted to broker peace between Israel and the Palestinians multiple times in recent decades

The pact demonstrates diplomatic tact in managing potentially difficult topics by keeping an eye on mutual economic gains and aligning with India's legal framework and international law.

The Aasvik family reportedly unearthed a buckle in the form of a bowl and another object that appeared to be buried during the Viking age, according to media.

Martha Louise, the fourth in the line of succession, is no stranger to controversy

Norway removed 15 Russian diplomats for alleged eavesdropping

Moving wildfire smoke puts soot on the snow and ice, darkening the white surface and allowing it to absorb more heat

The rocket reached an altitude of 250 kilometres and conducted experiments in zero gravity