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Former Indian Cricketer Aakash Chopra Makes Bold Prediction for WPL 2024 Auction: Labels Players ‘Multi-Dimensional’

Aakash Chopra, a former cricket player for India, made an astonishing forecast for the December 9 WPL 2024 auction.

With cricket fans turning on their screens for the impending WPL 2024 auction on December 9, the Women’s Premier League is returning. In all, 165 cricket players—104 from India and 61 from abroad, including 15 from associate nations—will be put to death in Mumbai.

On Saturday, a lot of mega-bidding wars might occur, with Kim Garth and Deandra Dottin having the highest starting prices at ₹50 lakh each. At a base price of ₹40 lakh, Annabel Sutherland, Georgia Weareham, Amy Jones, and Shabnim Ismail have been assigned to the position.

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Former Indian cricket player Aakash Chopra examined the upcoming auction and identified two players that might set off a massive bidding battle, speaking to Hindustan Times. “Deandra Dottin and Chamari Athapaththu are traveling with me. Due to the fact that both of them are multifaceted athletes. Women’s cricket actually has something special about it. Multidimensional cricketing skills are something we don’t see very often in men’s cricket. I believe that most guys are quite one-dimensional, while all women are multitaskers. Thus, these two “he spoke.

The fact that Sri Lankan captain Athapaththu was not selected in the previous year’s auction startled many enthusiasts and experts. In the meantime, Dottin’s bidding started at ₹50 lakh, and Gujarat Giants selected her for ₹60 lakh. However, she was ruled out of the season due to contentious circumstances, thus she missed it all.

“There are many excellent all-round players in this competition; these two were not included in the action the previous year and will provide value. To be honest, Deandra Dottin and Chamari Athapaththu can both really strike the ball,” he remarked.

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When ESPNcricinfo revealed that Dottin was recuperating from a medical issue ahead of WPL 2023, she responded with an incredible display of emotion. She disputed being medically unfit in a tale that she shared on Instagram, where she included a screenshot of the report. “Get well soon from what, if I may ask?” she wrote.

Kim Garth of Australia was named as her successor in the meantime. However, Gujarat has released both players.

“I think they got a replacement for her at that point in time, if I remember correctly,” he remarked in reference to Dottin’s release from Gujarat. Therefore, I believe it is clear that we didn’t hear the whole narrative of what transpired there, and I won’t conjecture either. However, she is back in the bidding currently.”

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To be truthful, when we watched Gujarat’s team last year, their auction approach was faulty from the start. It was merely there to demonstrate to everyone that we will not succeed. They had a lot of large ticket purchasers and relatively little money spent on the Indians, thus their auction plan did not make any sense. Since they were the only team not to seek a significant Indian player, they will undoubtedly need to alter their approach and find a different tactic, which is never simple in a smaller auction. They released Kim Garth and Annabel Sutherland, so I’m not sure why they let her go, but if they had the option, they would want her back. Deandra Dottin fits into the medium-paced all-rounder category as well; she bowls wide, goes around stumps, and has a ton of experience. Without a doubt, you would want her involved in the action,” he continued.