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Sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik praises sculptor Arun Yogiraj for Ram Lalla’s idol

Renowned sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik has praised sculptor Arun Yogiraj, saying Ram Lalla’s idol crafted by him was heart touching and that it would inspire millions of people. “Namaskar @yogiraj_arun ji. You are truly blessed by Lord Vishwakarma. Your sculpture of Bhagwan Ram Lalla is heart touching for me as an Artist. May (the) blessings of Prabhu Ram be always with you. Jai Shri Ram,” Pattnaik said in a post on X. Later, talking to PTI, he said Mysuru-based Arun Yogiraj is a wonderful artist and that his work would inspire millions of people in and outside the country. “His idol is divine. The art form crafted by him is encouraging for all artists across the world. It will inspire millions of people in India and abroad,” Pattnaik said. Responding to Pattnaik’s post, Yogiraj on X said that his praise will motivate him to do more in the field of art. “Dear sir, receiving an appreciation from one of the renowned sand artists of the world means a lot to me…This will definitely motivate me to do more in my field of art,” Yogiraj said.