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ISRO Chairman S Somanath Addresses International Space Conference 2024 In Gandhinagar

ISRO Chairman S Somanath addresses International Space Conference 2024 in Gandhinagar. He says, “Let me look at the type of vision that the Prime Minister has given after this success story of the last 6 months. I think he also has been an ardent supporter of space programs ever since he was a CM of this state. What he told us is that we must create continuous activity of humans’ presence in space. Though we have a Gaganyaan program, it must continue over a long period leading up to a human landing on the moon and an Indian landing on the moon by 2040. It looks far away, but it’s not far away. It’s so close. And we must build a space station by 2035, a space station that is accessible for Indians to go there and do research.”