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Income Tax Reveals Shocking Details of Rs 351 Crore Cash Seizure in Congress MP Dhiraj Sahu’s Linked Premises

Income Tax issues statement on 351 crore cash seizure:-

-Out of the Rs 351 crore cash seized by the Income Tax officials from the premises linked to Congress MP Dhiraj Sahu, Rs 329 crore was recovered from hidden chambers in dilapidated buildings in small towns of Odisha.

-The cash was kept hidden in chambers and a hidden safe-house camouflaged as an unoccupied or nondescript residence located in small towns of the state, including Sudapada and Titlagarh in Bolangir district and Khetrajrajpur in Sambalpur district.

-During the search operation, a large number of incriminating pieces of evidence in the form of documents and digital data have been found and seized.

-The business of the group is “controlled by a family based in Ranchi in Jharkhand” and one of the family members is also a “politically exposed person residing in Ranchi”.

-The main employees looking after the business activities of the group, have admitted that the cash found and seized during the search operation, represents the unaccounted income of the group, generated through its multiple business concerns.

-In total, the officials seized undisclosed cash amounting to more than Rs 351 crore and unaccounted jewellery exceeding Rs 2.8 crore.