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“I congratulate the government and administration” PM Modi speaks at Uttarakhand’s Global Investors Summit 2023

Prime Minister Narendra Modi speaks at the Uttarakhand’s Global Investors Summit 2023 in Dehradun. He says, “Recently the workers who were trapped in the Silkyara Tunnel were successfully rescued. I congratulate the government and administration of the state for the dynamic work done by them. If we as a nation do a similar SWOT analysis on India today, what do we find? We will see aspirations, hope, self-confidence, innovation and opportunity all around. In our country, it is believed that god pairs everyone, then why do those pairs go abroad to start their new journey (of married life). Just like the ‘Make in India’ movement a ‘Wed in India’ movement should be started. At least one wedding from the family should be done in Uttarakhand as part of the destination wedding, to make Uttarakhand a destination wedding spot.”