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4 tips for women suffering from Ovarian Cysts from Shani Dayal who won over them

She shared her experience with ovarian cysts and how she conquered it on social media, where she is known primarily as Shaniyoga.

Ovarian Cysts

Shani Dayal

Non-cancerous lumps that form in the ovaries are called ovarian cysts. They might cause a person to feel uncomfortable and cause a searing discomfort in their stomach. Although it causes abdominal pain, it has no negative effects on your day-to-day activities. Anyone can experience it, sometimes even the healthiest individuals. Even the healthiest people can experience it, so that’s not exactly a motivating factor. People look to women who have persevered through adversity and managed to overcome the results for inspiration because of this. One such woman who faced ovarian cysts head-on was yoga and fitness educator Shani Dayal.

She shared her experience with ovarian cysts and how she conquered it on social media, where she is known primarily as Shaniyoga.


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Ovarian cysts came as an unwelcome guest in Shani’s life despite being healthy. ” A couple of years back I got an ovarian cyst, and it came as a very big shock because I was living a healthy life. I practised yoga, went to the gym, and ate healthy,” shares the yoga coach in her video.

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Being healthy does not really prevent you from this

The story of Shani demonstrates that being healthy does not guarantee protection from ovarian cysts. She quickly realized, though, that the manner she was doing yoga and leading a healthy lifestyle wasn’t the best strategy. She was living a healthy lifestyle, but she was also overtaxing her body and mind with stress. She emphasizes that despite leading a healthy lifestyle, it all still happened.

She became aware of the flaws in the method when things did not proceed as planned and she learned that she had ovarian cysts. “I was actually practising yoga just for Asana and not including it in my lifestyle. I was not listening to my body and there was no connection between mind and body. I was putting myself under too much physical and mental stress,” she adds.

Here are the tips to prevent issues such as ovarian cysts

Focus on your body to prevent Ovarian Cysts

She started by paying attention to her physique. “Our body is constantly having this conversation with us, telling us only a natural way to do things, but we completely ignore it. I realised that I was pushing myself too much physically. Exercise causes stress in the body. It’s good unless it becomes too much. With no rest, there is stress buildup leading to chronic stress.”

Although stress may not cause ovarian cysts directly, it may have an impact on your reproductive health, which may cause the issue. Long durations of stress have been linked to hormonal imbalances, which have been linked to the growth of ovarian cysts, according to studies.

Sleep schedule is a must to follow

“I started to prioritise my sleep because sleep is the basis of good health.” Did you know that while you sleep, your body unwinds and repairs its cells? According to a study that was written up in Stat Pearls, your body can restore and repair all of the cellular components needed for biological processes. In other words, sleep is your body’s essential detox, therefore get 8 hours every day to stay healthy.

Yoga must be a part of your routine

You can include yoga as a lifestyle to really heal yourself. Shani realised that she was focusing only on Asanas, and not on yoga as a holistic practice. This is when she shifted her focus to “Pranayam, meditation, and other limbs of yoga.” Further explaining the benefits of focusing on every aspect of yoga, the expert writes, “Pranayam, meditation, yoga nidra- apart from spiritual benefits, all these practices induce deep levels of relaxation. Activates para-sympathetic nervous system (rest & digest system) reducing stress hormones, improving energy blood flow to reproductive, digestive organs, heart.”

Your appetite must include home-cooked meals

It is simple to fall victim to fad diets and trends that don’t endure long when there are so many diet fads on the market. Going back to the basics and eating healthy home-cooked meals is preferable to focusing on trends. “I completely stopped taking all those smoothies and shakes because I realised it was not suiting me at all. I’m constantly bloated and I went back to my roots.”

Stick to regional and home-cooked food if you’ve been experiencing any unusual symptoms. Because you are unique, be sure you are eating food that is right for you.

She also cautions that while practicing yoga as part of a healthy lifestyle and paying attention to your body can help you better understand your body, it does not treat ovarian cysts. She emphasizes how crucial it is to pay attention to the cues your body gives you so you can prevent issues. People frequently “ignore these signs, sometimes run behind trends, judge ourselves, get influenced, and instead of listening to our bodies, ignore our inner voice completely,” added Shani.