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Uttar Pradesh Govt Enhances Security Measures for Ram Navami Celebrations in Ayodhya

UP govt has ramped up security in and around Ayodhya in anticipation of the large influx of devotees expected to visit the city for Ram Navami celebrations.

Ayodhya: The Uttar Pradesh government has ramped up security in and around Ayodhya in anticipation of the large influx of devotees expected to visit the city for Ram Navami celebrations, marking the first observance since the consecration ceremony of the Ram Temple in January. Authorities have disclosed that the celebrations will be conducted on a grand scale throughout the city, with extensive arrangements put in place by the state government.

The police administration has intensified efforts to implement all necessary security measures given the massive turnout of devotees, ensuring the smooth conduct of this significant celebration, officials affirmed. Apart from ensuring the safety of incoming devotees, the police have devised plans for crowd management and darshan arrangements, considering the expected turnout of devotees, they further stated.

The Ram Navami Mela commenced on April 9 at Ayodhya Dham and will continue until April 17, coinciding with the celebration of Ram Navami, attracting an estimated 25 lakh Hindus. A significant number of police personnel have been deployed to oversee the mela. The mela grounds have been divided into seven zones and 39 sectors, with traffic management organized into two zones and 11 clusters, as per an official release.

According to the statement, there will be an additional 11 superintendents of police, 26 deputy superintendents of police, 150 inspectors, 400 sub-inspectors, 25 women sub-inspectors, 1305 chief constables/constables, 270 women chief constables/constables, and 15 company PACs to ensure the safety of devotees during the event. Additionally, two flood relief teams, SDRF and ATS, have been assigned duties.

Each zone will be supervised by an additional superintendent of police, while each sector will have its own deputy superintendent of police or inspector, as per the announcement. To facilitate a secure darshan experience, 15 drop-down barriers and 13 holding areas will be set up along Ram Path. Continuous surveillance will be provided by the Control Room’s 111 CCTV cameras.

Water police will oversee security along the Saryu River and Ram ki Pauri, with police and PAC personnel stationed at various temples and mela venues. The movement of vehicles and worshippers will be monitored by 24 strategically placed cameras across Ayodhya Dham. Furthermore, the flow of vehicles and devotees will be tracked by cameras at the Gonda border, the statement noted.

CCTV cameras installed at Ayodhya Dham will monitor crowds and analyze traffic patterns at different locations. A total of 560 cameras will be installed in various control centers across Ayodhya Dham to monitor devotee activities. Additionally, two tethered and eight airborne drones will be deployed for real-time surveillance of highways, streets, and parking lots.

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