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Two SHOs and Eight Constables of North Eastern District Police Ensnared in Anti-Extortion Crackdown

A former crusader against police corruption finds himself ensnared in a convoluted web of deceit orchestrated by the very officers he once brought to justice.

A former crusader against police corruption finds himself trapped in a convoluted web of deceit orchestrated by the very officers he once brought to justice. Allegations point to the Anti-Auto Theft Squad (AATS) of the North Eastern Police, accusing them of framing the whistleblower in a fabricated case. Furthermore, they allegedly extorted a hefty sum of Rs 3 lakh from his family under threat. The accused officers also stand accused of misappropriating seized property from the victim.

Legal Backlash: Charges Against Eight Policemen

The steadfast stance of the judiciary has led to a legal crackdown on the perpetrators. Eight constables, including two stationed at district police stations, now face charges in connection with the case. Shockingly, these accused officers purportedly enjoy the protection of a high-ranking official notorious for involvement in extortion.

Victim’s Ordeal Unfolds

The victim, residing in the Ghonda area, has become a thorn in the side of corrupt law enforcement officials. Recently, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) apprehended corrupt officers from various police stations, including Kotwali Traffic Circle, Sonia Vihar, and Welcome, due to similar misconduct. Before this incident, the victim had prompted anti-corruption agencies to target corrupt officers.

Case Details Unveiled

According to the registered case, a garment shop owner in the Ghonda locality complained to the North East District AATS at the Karkardooma court. The complaint led the court to order the registration of a case against two sub-inspectors and eight constables. Allegedly, these officers falsely implicated the victim in a theft case and subsequently conducted an illegal search of his residence without a warrant.

Intimidation and Bribery

The ordeal for the victim escalated when police officers, including SI Balbir Chand and others, allegedly barged into his house multiple times, seizing cash and valuables without proper documentation. Subsequent threats and demands for a bribe of Rs 3 lakh further exacerbated the victim’s plight. Despite securing bail, the victim faced intimidation when attempting to retrieve his seized belongings from the police station.

Court Intervention and Further Deception

Efforts to seek justice faced additional hurdles as officers misled the court with contradictory statements and fabricated reports. Instances of false statements and attempts to manipulate evidence emerged, exposing the extent of corruption within the police force.

Judicial Action

The relentless pursuit of justice culminated in the Karkardooma court ordering the registration of a case under various sections of the Indian Penal Code against the accused officers. This legal action marks a significant step towards holding accountable those entrusted with upholding the law but who have instead abused their authority for personal gain.