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Tragic Suicide Leads To Family Feud: 21-Yr-Old Woman Found Dead, Maternal Family Sets House Ablaze

21-year-old woman mysteriously dies by suicide, her maternal family sets the house on fire which claims the lives of her in-laws.

Prayagraj: An alarming situation unfolded after a newly married woman was found dead in her home. Subsequently, individuals from her maternal family set the house ablaze. Unfortunately, the mother-in-law and father-in-law of the deceased sustained serious burns and succumbed to their injuries. The incident occurred in the Mutthiganj police jurisdiction.

It is reported that Anshika, 21, the wife of furniture businessman Anshu Kesarwani and a resident of Sattichoura under the Mutthiganj police area, was found hanging in her room under mysterious circumstances on Monday late night. After receiving the news of their daughter’s death, her parents arrived home. A heated exchange of words sparked between the two families, which escalated into vandalism and arson. The deceased’s father-in-law and mother-in-law, Rajendra Kesarwani and Shobha Devi were among those who were burnt alive.

The police and fire brigade managed to rescue other family members. Although it remains unclear who initiated the fire, the maternal family blamed the in-laws, while local residents blamed the maternal side.

Anshika, the daughter of Sardari Lal, a resident of Jhalwa in the Dhumanganj police station area, was married to Anshu, a businessman residing in Sattichoura, on February 13, 2023. Anshu occupies the top floor of a four-storey house and operates a shop below.

According to DCP (City) Deepak Bhukar, the police received a call at 11 pm reporting that a woman named Anshika Kesarwani had died by suicide. Both sets of parents were present at the scene. Upon arrival, the police found the two sides engaged in a physical altercation.

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