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Rajasthan Congress President Govind Singh Dotasara Criticizes UP CM Yogi, Accusing Him of Playing Hindu-Muslim Card

Govind Singh Dotasara criticized CM Yogi, urging him to focus on UP’s development instead of resorting to Hindu-Muslim rhetoric during elections to distract from real issues.

Rajasthan Congress President Govind Singh Dotasara

Rajasthan Congress President Govind Singh Dotasara

Rajasthan Congress President Govind Singh Dotasara launched a scathing attack on the BJP and the Uttar Pradesh Yogi government. Criticizing CM Yogi Adityanath’s recent remarks about Kashi and Mathura, Dotasara accused him, along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP, and the RSS, of pursuing the divisive agenda of exploiting Hindu-Muslim sentiments to regain power. He emphasized that instead of indulging in such divisive rhetoric, CM Yogi and his government should focus on delivering on the promises they made when they came to power in 2014.

Dotasara asserted that after nearly a decade in power, CM Yogi should prioritize the development of the state. However, he lamented that during elections, the BJP and its leaders resort to diverting attention from real issues by stoking communal tensions. Dotasara affirmed that the public has become wise to these tactics and will not be misled by them any longer.

What did Govind Singh Dotasara say about the budget?

Rajasthan Congress President Govind Singh Dotasara criticized the first interim budget presented by Finance Minister Diya Kumari of the Bhajanlal government, stating that it merely allocated funds for essential needs while neglecting larger development projects. Dotasara highlighted that significant projects worth thousands of crores remain stagnant, indicating a lack of vision from the government. He emphasized the absence of measures to address inflation or provide employment opportunities. Dotasara characterized the government as being controlled remotely from Delhi, with little focus on proactive governance beyond sporadic inspections.