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PM Modi Connects with Sandeshkhali Victim, BJP’s Basirhat Candidate Rekha Patra as ‘Shakti Swaroopa’

Allegations of Land Grab, Extortion, and Sexual Harassment by Trinamool Leaders in Sandeshkhali Fuel Election Discourse

Today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached out to Rekha Patra, a victim of sexual harassment hailing from Sandeshkhali in Bengal. Patra, who is also the BJP’s candidate for the Basirhat Lok Sabha seat, received a call from the Prime Minister inquiring about her election preparations. During their conversation, Modi sought insights into the local sentiment and referred to Patra as “Shakti Swaroopa,” acknowledging her resilience. Patra shared with the Prime Minister the challenges faced by Sandeshkhali residents, including allegations of harassment by Trinamool Congress leaders, alongside issues like land grabbing and extortion.

The accusations against Trinamool leaders in Sandeshkhali have become a focal point in the upcoming elections. In response, the BJP has strategically positioned Patra as their candidate for the Basirhat seat, encompassing Sandeshkhali. Modi’s characterization of Patra as “Shakti Swaroopa” also holds significance in the ongoing political discourse, particularly regarding the debate surrounding “Shakti” between the BJP and the INDIA alliance.

Earlier, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had remarked that the Opposition is confronting the “shakti” or power of the State. In retort, Modi had accused the INDIA alliance of aiming to dismantle Shakti, a concept revered in various regions of India, including Bengal, where Shaktism holds significance within Hinduism.

Modi’s reference to Shaktism underscores the cultural and religious dimensions interwoven into the political narrative, as parties vie for support ahead of the elections.