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Over 60 Killed In Landslide-Hit Areas In Himachal Pradesh, Rescue Ops Conducted By IAF

Eight homes, including six temporary buildings, were destroyed by the landslide in the Krishna Nagar neighborhood, and a slaughterhouse was buried under the rubble….

Since Monday, at least 60 people have perished in Himachal Pradesh as a result of rain-related incidents. Shimla, one of the worst affected towns in Himachal Pradesh as a result of the rains, had a new landslide that claimed the lives of two people in the Krishna Nagar neighborhood. Eight homes, including six temporary buildings, were destroyed by the landslide in the Krishna Nagar neighborhood, and a slaughterhouse was buried under the rubble.

Rain  Wreaked havoc in Joshimath, Five Families Shifted to Relief Camps

Officials said that a structure fell on Tuesday at Helang near Joshimath in the subsidence-hit Chamoli district, resulting in the rescue of three persons and the fear of several more being buried under debris.
Authorities moved five households to relief camps as a result of Joshimath’s subsidence-damaged city’s widening fractures during the monsoon season.

Five families were relocated from Sunil ward to relief camps two days ago, according to Chamoli’s Disaster Management Officer NK Joshi, who acknowledged that land-subsidence in places that had been declared dangerous earlier this year appears to have been exacerbated during the monsoon.

Over 800 People From Low-Lying Area Shifted To Safe Camps

“More than 800 residents of the low-lying Kangra region near the Pong Dam were evacuated after their villages became impassable owing to the high water level in the dam reservoir. The rescue effort is ongoing as more people are being evacuated, as stated by Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu on ‘X’. Yesterday, a landslide in the Krishnanagar neighborhood of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, caused several houses to fall.

Rescue operations underway

Rescue efforts are in progress in both Summer Hill and Krishna Nagar. One body and one severed head were discovered in Krishna Nagar, while 13 bodies have so far been retrieved from the Shiv Temple in the Summer Hill neighborhood, according to Deputy Commissioner Aditya Negi of Shimla.

Pilgrims evacuated successfully

With the aid of a helicopter and SDRF personnel, over 70 pilgrims caught on the Madmaheshwar temple trek path in Uttarakhand’s Rudraprayag district were successfully evacuated on Wednesday, while work was being done to free more than 80 more who were still there, according to officials.

Kalka-Shmila Rail Line Severely Affected

As of now, 122 pilgrims have been saved, and Ukhimath Sub Divisional Magistrate Jitendra Verma expressed hope that the remaining 122 will be saved by the afternoon.
The situation on the Kalka-Shmila rail line is really bad because of Himachal Pradesh. 7-8 spots on the track are damaged. There have been slips and breaches on hills. The entire 96 KM rail line has historical significance, according to a statement from Northan Railways.

According to police, a house collapsed in Helang near Joshimath in Uttarakhand’s Chamoli district, killing two Nepalese nationals and injuring five others. Around 8 o’clock on Tuesday night, the two-story house fell when there were seven people inside. Rescue efforts started right away after the event.