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Nitish Kumar Sworn in as Bihar CM for 9th Time; Oath Administered by Governor Rajendra Vishwanath, Cheers of “Modi-Modi” at Raj Bhavan

Nitish Kumar Resigns as Bihar CM in the Morning, Submits 128 MLA Support Letters to Governor in the Evening, Sworn in for 9th Term in the Record.

A significant political upheaval unfolded in Bihar as JDU supreme Nitish Kumar departed from Lalu Yadav’s RJD and the Congress-led India Alliance, aligning with the BJP. Nitish Kumar, sworn in as Chief Minister for the 9th time, received the oath from Governor Rajendra Vishwanath Arlekar. Earlier in the day, he resigned, terminating the JDU-RJD coalition government, and later in the evening, he took the oath again to lead the new government.

In the process of forming the new government, Nitish Kumar, armed with letters of support from a total of 128 MLAs from BJP and JDU, submitted them to the Governor. The support includes 78 BJP MLAs, 45 JDU MLAs, four from Hindustan Awam Morcha (HAM), and one independent MLA. Just six hours after his morning resignation on January 28, Nitish Kumar assumed office again as the Chief Minister of Bihar in the evening.

Nine leaders, including the Chief Minister, were sworn in

In addition to Nitish Kumar, a total of eight ministers were sworn in for the new Bihar government. The BJP appointed three ministers, including two deputy CMs, while the JDU secured the Chief Minister’s position and three ministerial roles. Additionally, one MLA from each party and an independent MLA also assumed ministerial posts.

Bihar’s BJP state president has also taken on a ministerial role

Former Bihar BJP president, Samrat Chaudhary, took oath following Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Earlier, Samrat Chaudhary, along with Vijay Chaudhary and Bijendra Yadav, was seen together at Raj Bhavan. The swearing-in ceremony occurred at Raj Bhavan.

  • BJP State President Samrat Chaudhary at the Swearing-in Ceremony
  • BJP’s Vijay Kumar Sinha Sworn in as Minister in Bihar
  • BJP Leader Dr. Prem Kumar Takes Oath

Eight-time MLA and BJP leader Dr. Prem Kumar Takes Oath as Minister.

Image of Bihar’s New Government:

Chief Minister:
-Nitish Kumar

Deputy Chief Ministers:
1. Samrat Chaudhary (BJP)
2. Vijay Sinha (BJP)

3. Dr. Prem Kumar (BJP)
4. Vijendra Prasad (JDU)
5. Shravan Kumar (JDU)
6. Vijay Kumar Chaudhary (JDU)
7. Santosh Kumar Suman (Us)
8. Sumit Singh (Independent)