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MRM’s All-Round Awareness Campaign in Delhi: Muslim Voters Show Support for BJP

Muslim voters in the campaign acknowledged that Delhi has 1.47 crore voters, and in 2019, BJP won all seven seats with over 50% of the vote.

As the sixth phase of Lok Sabha elections approaches, voting will take place in seven Delhi constituencies on May 25. From the streets and neighborhoods of Nizamuddin Auliya, a significant voice from the Muslim community has emerged in support of the BJP. Ulemas and intellectuals have also endorsed the Bharatiya Janata Party.

On Wednesday, RSS executive member and Muslim Rashtriya Manch (MRM) guide Indresh Kumar visited the Nizamuddin Dargah to promote voter awareness. During the visit, his Dastarbandi was performed, echoing Prime Minister Modi’s vision of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, and Sabka Vishwas.” Kumar was accompanied by MRM national convenor Shahid Akhtar, Tahir Mustafa, Naseeb Chaudhary, National Media Incharge Shahid Sayeed and other prominent figures from the Dargah including Sajjade Nasheen Pirzada Salmi Nizami, President Farid Ahmed Nizami, and in-charge Pirzada Amin Nizami.

Addressing Doubts

Dargah President acknowledged Muslim suspicions towards the BJP and Sangh. Indresh Kumar responded, emphasizing that the government has not discriminated against any community in the past decade. He refuted claims that any Muslims were forced to move to Pakistan, dismissing such fears as baseless. The Dargah representatives acknowledged attempts by fringe elements to instill fear about the Sangh and BJP, which they deemed inappropriate. They also rejected the idea of Muslim reservations, calling it divisive.

Call for Legal Protections

The Dargah expressed support for the Modi government and called for legal protections for Dargahs and Khankahs. Indresh Kumar assured efforts from the new government to create a law and form a board for their protection, urging consensus among Dargahs as the government would not interfere directly.

Combating Extremism with Sufism

Kumar highlighted Sufism as a means to counter fundamentalism and violence, citing Quranic teachings of “Rabbul Alameen.” He argued that peace can only be achieved through non-violence and spiritual understanding. The Dargah echoed these sentiments, advocating for religious tolerance.

Voter Awareness Campaign

The MRM’s voter awareness campaign found that Muslim voters prioritize Prime Minister Modi’s guarantees over the promises of the India Alliance. Across Delhi, voters acknowledged the inclusive nature of government schemes, noting that all communities benefit equally.

MRM Captains:

Numerous MRM teams are actively campaigning in Delhi, led by figures such as Shahid Akhtar, Mohammad Afzal, Girish Juyal, Shalini Ali, Bilal ur Rahman, Shakir Hussain, Shahid Sayeed, Haji Mohammad Sabreen, Imran Chaudhary, Keshav Patel, Majid Talikoti, Reshma Hussain, Mazahir Khan, Mahtab Alam and others.

Voter Trends Favor BJP

Muslim voters in the campaign acknowledged that Delhi has 1.47 crore voters, and in 2019, BJP won all seven seats with over 50% of the vote. They noted the significant vote margins between BJP, Congress, and AAP, suggesting that the India Alliance may struggle to challenge the BJP’s dominance in the upcoming election. Voting will conclude on June 1, with results announced on June 4.