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Mother Filed Murder Case, Daughter Found With Her Lover In Madhya Pradesh

Raksha police station in-charge Pradeep Kumar said that Chhaya’s statement was made in the court on Friday.

Jhansi: A shocking and sensational case has come to light in the Raksha police station area, where a woman had filed a case of murder of her daughter and her two children. Now she has been found with her lover in the Sehore area of Madhya Pradesh. After 14 months, all three were found alive. A two-minute video played a special role in helping the police reach those three. Tracing this video, the police reached them and exposed this false case of murder.

Chhaya, a resident of Deli village of the Raksa police station area, was married to Chandan Kushwaha, a resident of Thandi Road, Datia in a mass marriage event in 2016. Everything was fine after marriage. Meanwhile, Chhaya had two sons, Nikhil (07) and Jaydev (04). The husband used to work as a painter selling sandalwood and vegetables. Everything was going well. Meanwhile, Sobran Sahu, a resident of Karera, started living on rent in Chhaya’s maternal house. Chhaya used to visit her maternal home often. About two years ago, Sobran and Chhaya became friends and soon this friendship turned into love.

Both Chhaya and Sovran used to talk frequently on the phone. The husband had caught Chhaya talking to her lover on the phone several times. Due to this, a fight started between the two. Fed up with his wife’s actions, the husband left her and both sons at her maternal home in Deli village on January 19, 2023. On the same day, Chhaya took her two children and went away with her lover. After this, Chaya and both the children could not be contacted. Chhaya’s mother Sukhwati thinks that Chhaya and both the children were killed by her in-laws and disappeared somewhere. There was a fight between Chhaya’s in-laws and maternal side regarding this.

When there was no trace of the daughter and her children, mother Sukhwati filed a case in the court against five people including her son-in-law, accusing her in-laws of murdering all three and making their bodies disappear. The police were investigating the matter.

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Meanwhile, a few days ago Chhaya called her husband and talked to him. When the husband asked about the two sons, he sent a video and said – “Look, both the sons are studying in a good school. In the two-minute video, children were dancing in the program inside the school, whereas the name of the school was written on a banner behind. The husband reached the police with the video. Through this, Raksha police reached Sehore and caught Chhaya and brought her here. Raksha police station in-charge Pradeep Kumar said that Chhaya’s statement was made in the court on Friday. She has expressed her desire to go with her lover. She is an adult and can take her own decisions.